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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feeding Ferals

Today as usual we support Ferals, let me tell you about one set of Ferals which we wouldn't really call a colony as they are a mish mash of Strays.

The old Girl Clio used to visit regularly in her youth, as there are houses nearby we knew she had a home and indeed one day spoke to her owner who told us all about Clio how old she was and everything. Now as the years have passed Clio has stayed in the warmth of the greenhouse on her favourite chair. The owner seems to have disappeared as despite us looking we couldn't trace her when Clio first showed signs of old age and needed help so we got Clio flea allergy treated and have since funded dental work for her.

There are two or three black strays who regularly turn up for food, then there is the little feral queen who a national charity spayed and helped kittens but couldn't return back to site due to it being to dangerous, she lays low but again enjoys shelter warmth and food provided.
A big Grey and white boy turned up last year looking very the worse for wear but he is a lot better now.

Today over the roof of one of the sheds sashayed a very sleek black cat wearing a posh Diamante collar, we had to smile as we debated if she had come to show it off to us all :-)

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