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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Starting the day juggling cats

Trying to sort out a little cat  described as gone feral since she came into heat strange they said as she was really friendly the first 2yr they had her but then they thought she was a tom as that's what they were told when they got her! These folk must have no sense of smell, of course its a multi cat household but the other two toms and this cats mother are all spayed ........
Don't envy whoever I get to go pick this one up :-( 

They said vet wouldn't spay her when she came into heat and as she has been straight back in again they never got her done and now she is attacking them, she hasn't been outside so cant be pregnant they say. Oh how I wish I wasn't such a cynic :-) 
Though do believe about the vets as we hear that time and again about not spaying while in heat yet in some circumstances we feel its worth the risk. 


  1. That poor kitty though..her behavior changed for unknown reasons. Funny they thought she was feral when she lived inside. Her behavior changed but I suppose they didn't know what to think of it. Can she be spayed when she is not in heat? And perhaps have something calming from the DR. so she won't attack and then, they can spay her?

  2. Vets here dont like to spay a queen in heat as they bleed more but we have never found that.
    The cat they have had since a kitten when they got her and her mother but they always thought she was a Tom cat until she recently came into heat aged 2yr old.
    They feel unable ot keep her as they have a lot of outside carers go in ad the cat gets very stressed by this, we will get her in a foster home then hopefully a forever home. bless her.