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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan's pets have rescuers, too - USATODAY.com

Japan's pets have rescuers, too - USATODAY.com

With all the other emergencies Japan is facing, we're glad to see pets aren't being overlooked and are being taken care of during this tragic time. And in the video below, watch two dogs help each other out. Such pals!

Many people in Japan have pets and treat them like family. Treehuggerhas a great post about groups who are helping rescue pets in the earthquake areas. One of the groups, Japan Cat Network, wrote on their website:

"We are all greatly saddened and have been continually horrified by news of the devastation, following the recent earthquake here in Japan. We, the kitties at the JCN Kansai shelter, and the shelter itself, are all fine. However, we remain very concerned about the animals in the severely affected areas who may be overlooked in the midst of so much immediate need to address human concerns. We are working with two other no-kill organizations to coordinate plans for getting animals from these areas out to safety, and have already begun helping people with pets in crisis."

And as you can see in the YouTube video below (sorry no translation), the animals are looking out for each other also. Both were rescued.

The Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support group has afacebook page with more information.

READERS: Hope that the families in the vicinities where they have to stay inside because of radiation scares can find a way to keep their pets inside as well. Indoor bathrooms for all!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Starting the day juggling cats

Trying to sort out a little cat  described as gone feral since she came into heat strange they said as she was really friendly the first 2yr they had her but then they thought she was a tom as that's what they were told when they got her! These folk must have no sense of smell, of course its a multi cat household but the other two toms and this cats mother are all spayed ........
Don't envy whoever I get to go pick this one up :-( 

They said vet wouldn't spay her when she came into heat and as she has been straight back in again they never got her done and now she is attacking them, she hasn't been outside so cant be pregnant they say. Oh how I wish I wasn't such a cynic :-) 
Though do believe about the vets as we hear that time and again about not spaying while in heat yet in some circumstances we feel its worth the risk. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Felix the Feral Finder

Felix the feral finder brought another one home last night, just before bed when he came in for the night I could hear the cat howl for him, went out and fed it and will have to set trap tonight, another late night to try and get him. Felix is very territorial like all cats yet seems to have this thing about bringing young uneutered toms home!

Fist time this happened was around 4yrs ago and there has been a steady stream since even though we moved house 2yr ago this bringing home of strays continued. He certainly doesn't show the same tolerance for neighbouring cats that have a home.
Here he is thinking through his next strategy to find the lost and homeless.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cravendale - Cats with thumbs

Cravendale - Cats with thumbs
Ever wondered why cats stare while you're pouring milk? It's because they know that it is only a matter of time... That time is the only thing between them and opposable thumbs. An army of cats with thumbs is forming and they are after your Cravendale...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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